Haunting Video of Dancing Cheerleader Ghost-Girls

In bad dreams
Cruel world
Full of cruel things
Hang tight
All you…
Nothing like a big bad bridge to go burning through

This is giving me strong American Pie horror movie vibes. I’m good at picking up vibes. I like call myself the “VibeMaster,” even though it sounds like a women’s sex toy.

This music video is one of my favorites, if not, my ABSOLUTE favorite music videos ever. It reminds me conceptually of Kendrick Lamar’s “Never Catch Me” music video in which two children rise up from their caskets during a funeral, run out of the church, and start dancing. Metaphorically dancing into the after-life in the sweetest way possible.

However, there is a sadder vibe to this one. I get an otherworldly, somber vibe. It’s almost as if the women are in a sort of purgatory of the mind. They move dream-like as if reality is at a stand-still, or as if they are just slowly visualizing these things while endorphins and chemicals are released throughout their brains in their final moments. A separate dimension opens on impact and they are doomed to dance forever next to there smoking car near a small restaurant.

The choreography is strangely tribal too, almost spiritual. But it fits with the slowed-down editing. Adding power to ever movement of the dancers.

And the music. Ooohh the music. The music made me love this video more than I would normally. I had to check this producer out on Soundcloud, Lorn. His track-list is a goldmine for people like me who enjoy dark, moody, bass-heavy music. Now I have an albums worth of his music on my Spotify, under the “Dark Sleepy Vibes in my Bat Cave” playlist.

But one thing eludes me. What if the meaning of the video? What concept or idea is it trying to get across? In the video, the first girl dances through this restaurant gradually gathering up her friends after a crash, and they inevitably all join together in a final dance. Then they are all show dead in the same car the first girl was in.

Is it meant to illustrate this woman’s love for her cheerleader friends, who unfortunately were with her during this crash? Are they dancing because they are happy, or is this a final frolic between best friends as their minds one by one shut down? Is the first darker-skinned woman the main character? Or is she the first dancer shown because she is the one who crashed the car?

Questions questions. All I know is, whatever the meaning of the video is…I feel it.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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