Sentimental About An Umbrella

We have this navy Nautica Umbrella. It’s very big and wide and protective. We bought it in Miami, one of my favorite time periods in my mind.  The umbrella has remained with us for a long time because it is very sturdy and nobody would dare lose it. It’s the best umbrella I’v ever seen.

The umbrella has weathered many things with us, but it’s not the weather I appreciate it for, it’s not its resilience I appreciate it for. It’s attached to a memory.

I was about 6 years old and the memory has stayed with me. It’s not a long memory. My family did something rare, we had fun together. My father took us to see the Miami Heat basketball team play. I had always seen them on the TV but was never interested, my dad was always enthralled however.

I don’t remember the game, I probably fell asleep or was occupied with something else. But I remember it raining heavily afterwards, and by then I was extremely tired. Good thing we had our trusty family sized umbrella. I was too tired to walk at this point, and the rain was threatening to wet my clothes.

This is where the real memory kicks in. It was very dark and I was at my father’s side. He offered to carry me on his back and I obliged. I was rested clinging onto his head, protected from the rain by a huge navy Nautica umbrella. In that moment from atop his head I looked back at the stadium. It was a very large lit up building, almost like a giant stained glass bowl that refracted light from the inside. It was beautiful.

And now after seeing such  beauty we retreated, me and my family, me on my father’s back, me under a giant navy umbrella from Nautica, back home.



Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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