Bryson Tiller – Get Mine, Something Tells Me, and Honey TRACK REVIEW

Bryson Tiller aka Pen Griffey aka GodTilla dropped three songs last Friday and boy…they got me hype for his upcoming album.

First song I listened to was Honey.

“Honey” is the song that mostly represents what separates Bryson from other R&B artist out of the three. He remarked in an interview once how his music is “the perfect marriage between hip hop and R&B” and this song exemplifies that.

The instrumental features a sample from “Every Little Thing U” Do by Christopher Williams that rolls in the background as if it was playing in a different room. It creates that iconic urban nightlife vibe that he radiates so well, and it’s not messy urban either, it’s very intimate. I think this intimate yet urban vibe comes from his combining Hip-Hop and R&B together. Some parts of Honey are too choppy to be called R&B, and other parts too smooth to be hip-hop.

For example, in the beginning he flows like he’ on a Hip-Hop songs; somewhat staccato. But when he says “That gold chain that’s on your neck/I love the way you dress, got a nigga so impressed” he starts adding a melody to his voice and drawing out his words. This leaves you nodding your head like you’re listening to a rhythmic Hip-Hop song, but in your feelings like it’s an R&B song. He also skillfully uses this R&B portion to compliment the love interest past just the superficial things he said in the beginning.


Second song, Get Mine.

Now that I think about it, it seems he specifically released these three songs to show us his range. “Get Mine” is the most Hip-Hop out of the three. Interestingly enough it features rapper Young Thug, which maybe shouldn’t be so surprising since he is such a flexible artist. But it’s always interesting to see how Young Thug incorporates himself into other artist’s music.

Not much to say about the song, it’s very solid and it has some highlights. For example, I like the way he said “Hold up let me pull it out the horse stable” in his R&B intonation. I know that’s small but it changed the mood of the song for me for like a good 10 seconds. I feel like whenever he switches flows like that it emphasizes the bar, and in this instance he refers to his “Porshe Caymen”  and then accentuates the fact that he has such an expensive car and that it has a lot of horsepower.

The instrumental was bare-bones, but very conducive to this Hip-Hop style flow.

Now About Young, I love Young Thug but I’ll be the first to admit he could have done more. It was nice hearing his Hip-Hop flow but whenever I see Thugger on the track I think “What typa extra shit this nigga bout to do” and I get hype about it. Thugger gave some bars on this track, and I won’t address the “She so bad sometimes I want her features, uh (woo!)” bar because they ain’t nothin wrong widdit. But…maaaan I don’t know there was no real “wow” factor with Thugger’s part.


Third and final, Something Tells Me


The pure R&B bump.

The instrumental is a lot like Honey in its “rolling” synth.

It’s alright.

This song will be great background music when you’re idk laying next to your significant other or FWB, but otherwise, it would give me a headache.

I will say though I like the bar “Rubbing shoulders with bitches I used to put on pedestals
But still I keep it professional.” That’s the type of shit I’m trying to be on….relatable af. Otherwise personally I’m not really feeling the song.


In conclusion I give

“Honey” –  8.35/10

“Get Mine” – 8/10

“Something Tells Me” – 6/10


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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