Rompers: The Next Step in Male Fashion

Rompers have been around for a while. Since the early 1900s women have worn these short jumpsuit looking things, and in my opinion they do look quite nice.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, to the point where sometimes you are not sure if you are looking at a romper or a short dress. Some drape over the shoulders, while some are shoulder-less. Some end in frilly dress looking pant legs and others in what look to be regular shorts that match the color of the shirt.

A new advancement in romper fashion has gained some exposure these past few weeks however. Rompers…but for men.

Now the craze started when this company RompHim started promoting their Kickstarter for their male romper line, and people started talking about it. The promotional image features seven white guys and one man of ambiguous race in brightly colored rompers. It gave me private white frat golf club vibes but we won’t get into that bit.

As you can imagine the conversation on Twitter was very split. Of course you have the homophobic guys who have to say “no homo” after touching another man to convince themselves that they are not homosexual. And you have the rational human beings that realize that hell yeah a man can look good in a romper. Y’all remember Cam Newtons Coachella fit? Smooth AF.

You can’t tell me that man didn’t look fashionable af. Ya mcm thinks men can’t wear rompers but he doesn’t even know how to change a tire.

And this isn’t the first instance of men looking good in rompers. I’m sure somewhere in the 80s or 70s some men wore it, but honestly I don’t care really about anything before 2000, and there are guys on Twitter showing there old fits you can look those up, they are pretty clean looking. Here is one for example;

One thing I really appreciate though is the amount of support women are giving this. They are really helping to combat hottep Twitter. Also, as a man I feel like sometimes I have less of a selection of styles, and this becoming an acceptable thing opens up that possibility. Now whether or not I can pull off a romper with how skinny my legs are…that’s a different story, but the possibility is there.

In short, if you are a straight guy (homosexual men been on this wave) you’ll probably get mad honeys with your romper fit while the ashy cavemen sort through their collection of 100 identical jeans.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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