Bryson Tiller – True to Self ALBUM REVIEW

Buh-rie-son Killer is an R&B artist, an alternative one that makes music.

He released his album yesterday even though a few days ago he said he would release it in a month, but whatever works for you Bryson I don’t really care I have patience. But he did drop it extra early to many people’s delight.

I was excited for this project. After reviewing his last three tracks, I gave them high ratings and said that I could not wait for his new stuff. However I think I have some sort of hex, a curse if you will. I love singles but I can’t fw albums. Maybe it’s because albums are so long and that consecutive bad songs affect my vibe more than a good song. But usually if a album has 15 songs, and this is for artists that I really like, I would only add about 4 of them to my playlist. I would only enjoy 4 of them enough to want to play the song again. And with singles, I usually enjoy singles from any artist.

For this project that number is lower. Maybe I went in with too much expectations, maybe it’s a project I have to listen to multiple times…I don’t know. I feel like Bryson’s music is better in small doses. The vibe is too heavy, I would have preferred around 8-10 tracks of goodness than 14 tracks of the same shit. There was no real variation with the vibe and no real variation with the production. Most of them were really drowned at replications of each other and the album honestly got a little boring.

Of course there are a few tracks I liked, the probability is there. I enjoyed “No Longer Friends” mostly because of the production. It’s a lot like “Dance on Me” by Goldlink of course but, but I  like how in this version it slows down towards the end of the loop. Bryson did a good job of slowing it down and riding the beat.

I also liked “Set it Off.” The productions, again, is superb in this. The bass really grooms this song. It sounds like someone is brushing a lion and the lion is purring. The Hi-hats are tense but careful. Bryson flows extremely well on the song with his R&B/Hip-Hop hybrid. I can imagine this song being killer in a car with an expensive sound system. It goes strangely well the subject matter of the song. It’s basically about how ride-or-die he is for his love interest, and how dedicated she is with her gun in hand. The beat sounds like a careless dangerous.

“Something Tells Me” got a 6/10 in my last review so there’s that.

Overall, I’m still looking out for Pen Griffey. I know what he’s capable of because of the music he’s made before.

This album gets a 4/10.

It’s all subjective.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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