3 ways to not piss off your freelance writer

The pen is mightier than the Upwork


Y’know as a freelance writer myself, the best way I can communicate these feelings I have towards my clients is to write them out. So, if you are looking for a freelancer to write for your company or blog, here are three gripes suggestions that I have when interfacing with them.

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thoughts on my birthday

Today I will systematically go through every bio of every social media I have that doesn’t automatically update my age and change the 1 in 21 to a 2.

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what I like and don’t like about being an INTP

If you’ve read anything on my blog or have even read the titles, you can narrow down what my type will be. An introverted one for sure. I’ve take the test multiple times and the majority of the time I get INTP. Reading up on it, it’s as if my brain was unfurled right in front of me.

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Just A Regular Cringe Date Story

I went on a date today (I’m writing this at 11:00 PM).

I never know how people are going to react to seeing me in real life. It was a girl I met on Tinder. The first thing on my Tinder profile is my height as to not surprise the ladies when they meet me and notice I am as tall as a middle-schooler.

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My Experience With Internalized Anti-blackness

In every Black person there is the potential to be a very cancerous cloud welling up in there chest.

I feel it in my chest to. Sometimes it climbs up my throat and into the back of my mind, and grips my brain. It forces me to doubt myself; to look at my current failures and equate them to my very identity, an identity I did not have control over in the first place. It meddles with my judgment, consequentially lowering my performance in almost anything I do. It operates like a cloud that’s been hovering over my head since birth but its vice is rooted within my psyche like a virus.

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8 Games From E3 2017 That Got Me Hype

E3 2017, the gaming conference that brings out the biggest names in gaming, is coming to a close for this year. Here are the games I am most excited for in now particular order. (Though, the last one is my favorite.)

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