Look I swear this isn’t a music review blog exclusively, but I have to review my guy PARTYNEXTDOOR’s EP.

PARTYNEXTDOOR aka PND aka “Party” is a Toronto based rapper that is known for his murky almost aquatic sounding music. His subdued production allows for him to set an extremely specific stage: a very groggy at times but moody stage, where he croons over it like a wailing lone wolf.

That analogy made it sound like he is a bad artist but honestly he’s a part of my top two. Yes, him being in my top two is extremely subjective because I really like the atmosphere he tries to portray, but many other r&b lovers out there open to his unique style would agree that he is a real music maverick.

Now, to shift the focus on to this EP. The title “Colours 2” implies that project will be a continuation of his album “PNDColours” which in my opinion was an absolutely genius project. It’s not unreasonable to have high expectations for Colours, but I did try and lower them for the sake of fairness. I enjoyed 3 out of the 4 songs on PNDColours which is really unprecedented when it comes to me and albums.

Did Colours 2 disappoint?

No it did not. If you think about this 4 track project as an 8 track album, and the first two songs bang for you, it’s a good chance a lot of the rest will also appeal to you. I loved the first two songs right off the bat, even though I didn’t like the next two, if this was a full length album it would have a high chance of having more things I enjoy. Around half of the album I were to do the math.

The two tracks I enjoyed are “Freak in You” and “Peace of Mind.”

“Freak in You” honestly is just good background music for sexy time. There’s not much I really enjoy about it, but it’s not a bad song. Maybe it’s his flow that stood out to me, because it is different in this song, it’s Young Thug-esque.  Do I like it on him? He should stick to his regular flow tbh. But overall it’s a dimension of PND that is not completely unwelcome.

“Peace of Mind” sounds like it would be in PNDColours, which was released 2 years ago. New innovative artists are always so ruthlessly good in their early music, that’s what jump-starts their career. The production is pure Party with its smooth but warbling melody and its noninvasive hi-hats. It’s one of those beat that set the mood. Whatever party does over hardly matters, but as always his wailing lone wolf voice add a nice late-night r&b vibe.


Since this is an EP I’m not going to number rat but I will say:


Colours 2…great.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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