What I Consider Success For Myself

I’m an avid reader. I’m always thinking about interesting settings and characters for possible books. This started young, and now I’ve taken that mindset to look at myself as a character.

A character’s success is tied to their personality and their identity as I have learned, and also their situation. Looking at myself objectively as a reader would, what do I consider successful for this character?

Well, this character came from nothing, and is still drying up on the rim of nothing. Because of this, and because this character knows what it means to be poor and sad, and because this character is a little sensitive, they would like to be well off someday. Not too well off because this character is a bit lazy and all that management might lead to something like tax evasion out of sheer apathy. So a modest living would be very appropriate.

Oh, and what’s this? This character can even be a little egotistical sometimes. It’s just a defense mechanism to battle their hidden insecurities, but I think this character would enjoy a little recognition. Better yet, a little respect, renown. That way they can be comfortable in their narcissism. But only a little recognition, because this character is also introverted and would not like to deal with any sort of harassment outside of the internet.

Speaking of personality issues, tangent to being an introvert, this character has some anxiety problems. This character would like to reach a point in their life where they can comfortable approach people and not have an invisible wall of pain every time they have to interact with a stranger. At least this character would like to be able to do so over the internet so they can pursue better job opportunities.

Finally this character likes the idea of living like the dude off of Californication. This character was never very sexually active and the aesthetic of some sleezy looking lazy writer who is handsome enough to persuade women to get with him only because of the mysterious air that some writers give off fits his whole image. Don’t tell anyone that the character thinks this though because that’s a little embarrassing. Would hurt his obsession with image.



Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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