This is not an introvert’s world

Here, I complain about how hard it is for an introvert to interface with the world.


Pet peeve of mine: Motivational platitudes/fake enthusiasm/how to be successful videos and/or blogs. (no shade because I follow some here.)

But that is just a personal thing tied to the rest of the stuff I’m going to talk about. I still respect them and read them. But anyway, what I mean by “This is not an introvert’s world” is that you need to like people. You can’t stay in a shell and be successful. You need to be able to woo people and you cannot operate by yourself.

You can’t do it by yourself and that is a fact you and I as introverts have to get over.

Next semester I start classes as a sophomore. I know that as soon as everybody gets in the class and settles down, we will have to introduce ourselves. I’ve noticed recently that colleges have taken more initiative into implementing more “group work,” why? Because they know to be successful you need to be extroverted. Being socially tired is not an option when you need to finish a company project overnight in a cramped hot room with 6 tired adults for about 6 hours. In that situation an extrovert might be operating better than an introvert.

Look at beginner jobs, or jobs companies aim at college freshman. You’ve probably been contacted by a mutual friend about a job, and when you get there you find out that it’s a fucking pyramid scheme where you gotta sell shit to people that you probably wouldn’t buy yourself, and you get a small fraction of that money.

I remember this happening to me one day, it was like last year ago. Someone had directed me to a company named NYPIRG with a summer job offer. I had some experience with my organization talking to people so I knew I was going to be qualified (though thinking back now I don’t think they really cared about your resume). I noticed everyone there was young and all the staff members where doing that whole fake positive thing where they talk all high pitched and make weak jokes.

Basically what they had us do was go door to door trying to get people to donate to NYPIRG. There was nothing to sell, I think we were supposed to do it with sheer force of personality, or if you were attractive you could be a little seductive. We were all responsible for a block or so of houses, most of them were apartments with 4-5 different tenants. We would have to talk to each tenant in the house before moving on to the next. That’s upwards of 50 people per block. 50 strangers I had to read a paper to and beg for money without promising anything in return. My hands were shaky, my voice was shaky, my feet hurt and it was hot. We had to walk to the block for 30 minutes before we started canvassing. I was so not with it. I “talked” to 2 people before I quit, and then I started waiting for everyone to be done with their rounds. I waited at a place that sold slushies (probably Wendy’s). I lied on the paper where you were supposed to record people’s responses and I never came back to that job.

Most jobs hiring people with little to no experience require you to sell something or persuade people to your cause, which is extremely hard for an introvert.

Like the ones that make you stand outside and pass stuff out. The absolute worse, I always lock up and do nothing the whole time.

But past the beginner line, what happens if you bypass that point? Then you have to sell yourself. Then you have to make connections. Then you have to play the game of business.

Your ascent will be incredibly slow if you don’t promote yourself and if you have no “clout.” It comes down to honestly being a tad bit annoying so that people see you and check your stuff out. Being annoying is everything that an introvert does not want to be.

Let’s get out of the business world for a while. Actually, lets go back to where their weren’t any businesses at all, back when we washed our butts with river water and got worms. Ultimately your life as a lowly caveman boiled down to eating and fucking. Your whole meaning as a creature on this planet is eating and making more of yourself so you can eat in spirit. You need to “ooga-booga” better than the next cave person can “ooga-boog.”

If you can’t do that, well then you die alone. Natural selection in this manor favors the extroverts. And especially now where social dynamics are more complex seemingly, you might get depression first and then die.

The Sims, a game about furniture, now even has an insanity bar that goes up if you don’t talk to people.

So really all aspects of life, if you want to excel that is, require a level of sociability that introverts have to really try to overcome. And that’s the thing that I’m not seeing in these Tai Lopez type of videos. All they have to say is “Yo…be sociable…get some friends… don’t be a loser and you’ll be happy.”

Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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