8 Games From E3 2017 That Got Me Hype

E3 2017, the gaming conference that brings out the biggest names in gaming, is coming to a close for this year. Here are the games I am most excited for in now particular order. (Though, the last one is my favorite.)


1. Star Wars Battlefront II

The first Battlefront for PS4 had beautiful graphics. Graphics that I had not experienced in a game before. The gameplay was alright with me but a lot of people complained about it lacking. It was alright to me but if this game will be better then I’m all for it. I hope you can play as Fin in this one because they are including more major playable characters.

2. Dragon Ball Z Fighters

This will be a lot different from the other Dragonball fighting games. As opposed to the 3D low-skill button mashing Xenoverse games we have a side-scrolling Guilty Gear Xrd style game that features a beautiful anime style 2D art and effect rendering. It look beautiful is what I’m saying. It look like something you and your bro who doesn’t really play video games could get into, because c’mon, who can dislike Dragon Ball Z?


3. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Never was a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series mainly because they made so much of the same thing. But this one is interesting, admittedly because the main character here is Black and it is set in Egypt.



I just might have to get an Xbox One X for this game. The high performance of the new X Box One X is exemplified clearly in this trailer as the setting is a giant sprawling work of art.  I am also excited for the mech suits.


5. Shadow of the Colossus

I simply want this because I didn’t play it 7 odd years or so when it was on the PS2, and I like the idea of climbing giant monsters. Really any game with giant monsters will peak my interest.


6. God of War

Speaking of giant monsters, that “World Serpent” monster at the end has one of the coolest voices I’ve heard in any sort of media. You can’t go wrong with God of War. You are going to get action, and you will get it on a mythical scale. This GoW looks even more interesting because we get to know the main character Kratos more. It seems something has changed in his life. He’s acting a a lot more sensitive, and where are his two chain thingies? That ax is so badass though, did you see the way he threw it in a circle twice in a row and then it came back to him? Sexy.


7. Wolfenstein II

*Brad Pitt hillbilly voice* We’re going to be doing one thing and one thing only…killin Nazis.


8. Monster Hunter World

The best game for PSP is Monster Hunter. Nobody would believe me when I said that but it is. I believe this game is severely underestimated. It should be up there with Metal Gear Solid as a classic. I have waited so long for news about this game that’s not a remake for Nintendo handheld gaming devices. This game makes you feel like a hunter. I can’t explain it but it has a sort of Studio Ghibli wonder factor and melancholy. I just love it. Now I didn’t see any hack and slash action. I did a lot of hacking and slashing in the PSP version, but I feel like the nostalgia will make up for it. And also…big monsters.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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