what I like and don’t like about being an INTP

If you’ve read anything on my blog or have even read the titles, you can narrow down what my type will be. An introverted one for sure. I’ve take the test multiple times and the majority of the time I get INTP. Reading up on it, it’s as if my brain was unfurled right in front of me.

There are a lot of good things about my type that I like. INTPs are logical, which I like. Looking at that now would hating my type be equivalent to hating myself? If I wasn’t logical would I rather my feelings drive my emotion? Putting that aside, objectively it is better to be logical, and that ties into just how objective INTPs are, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I do like to think about the bigger picture a lot, most of the times its to minimize the mistakes I’m making, but in long-term projects I’m always thinking “What would my future self want this to look like? How does this all look to whoever I’m presenting it too? Is it pleasing in all aspects? Would I call this mine? How does this all fit together?”

I like the aspect of introversion where I don’t need to depend on anybody. I’m not constantly looking to latch onto people unless I’ve sheltered myself in too much. I don’t need “a shoulder to cry on” because I hardly get emotional outwardly. But I won’t front and say I don’t get lonely sometimes, it just takes a lot more to make me feel that way. When people post things like “Don’t fuck with my heart because I’ll cut you off quick,” on Facebook with some artifact ridden image, I get the sense that they are more outwardly emotional than I am, and you leaving them will actually cause them to self-destruct. I can confidently say that I can comfortably cut anyone off with my introversion and objectivity combined.

INTPs are chameleons and can role with any crowd. When they aren’t being introverted, they can blend into any sort of atmosphere. This may be true for an INTP with less anxiety that I have, but I won’t say it’s false. I always feel out of place but I can mesh with anybody given time. I can match anybody’s wavelength if I’m exposed to it long enough.

The rarity of INTPs though according to Truity, makes me feel all good in my individualistic and enigmatic tummy.

Creativity is the last really good thing I like about INTPs. They like to make things clear, and their need for clarity combined with the logical way their minds work, make them able to explain their thoughts artistically very well. Will I say I’m creative? I don’t know, but I love anything artistic.

Side-note; apparently my music taste has been mapped as well. INTPs tend to like more atmospheric music, which if you look at my last two album reviews there are some nocturnal vibes that I really like atmosphere was, and I always talk about “vibes” or “atmosphere.” Also INTPs enjoy nostalgic undertones which ties into all the other genres I like. Plus the nocturnal feeling is parallel too that because I remember being in a car traveling with my family a lot at night, with the car humming much like the droning bass in a lot of the music I listen to.

Now for the bad, the cons.

The negative aspect of introversion is my biggest con. For someone who was sheltered already, being a sheltered inherent introvert has really stunted my social ability. I get drained way too fast in social settings. I remember last time I volunteered in a pop-up shop and there were so much people I had to sit down, and when I was there for like 2 hours someone came up to me and asked me if I was alright like I was sick or something. I was sick…sick of all the people.

All of my friends I firmly believe had to make an effort to talk to me. I would never talk to a stranger unless I wanted something. It sounds terrible, and it is, but that’s the compounded anxiety and introversion working.

Ho-boy the apathy; it’s only thing really killing me really in school. If something does not interest an INTP, they won’t pay any mind to it. INTPs are stubborn, and they are legit only interested in…well their interest. Forcing an INTP to do anything will make them not want to do it more. It’s like quicksand for failures. Literally, tell me to breath and I will think twice about doing it. This ties into how INTPs don’t like to follow rules and guidelines, and have little regard for authority. The authority part might be the hidden narcissism in every INTP, but me myself I never even made an outline for an essay in my life if we’re talking about guidelines. And I still passed all my English classes swimmingly so I had no reason to do an outline. intp.org would say it’s because I like flexibility, which I do, but in this case I am just too apathetic.

Despite the good and the bad of being an INTP, it has helped me in my life overall. Knowing that there are other people like me has really stopped any potential spiral into a deeper depression, because my introversion was a source of those negative feelings. It has also narrowed down my career path, not like it wasn’t already narrow but I know now that being a social worker or an organizer is never going to work for me, and it would be more beneficial to push myself into another career path even though getting a sales job is easy.

But um anyway fellow INTPs and MBTI-ers stay strong and also… fuck astrology.


Author: BlkLttrBoy

A wraith

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