3 Thoughts About Writing From a Beginner

What I’ve learned and what I have not.


The Fear of The Blank Page

Constantly I hear this complaint from fellow writers about how what scares them the most in writing is a blank page. It’s something that every writer sees at least once. There are numerous poems and articles about the potential of a blank page, or the fear one gets from seeing one; quivering hands, hallucinations and such.

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Rompers: The Next Step in Male Fashion

Rompers have been around for a while. Since the early 1900s women have worn these short jumpsuit looking things, and in my opinion they do look quite nice.

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Bryson Tiller – Get Mine, Something Tells Me, and Honey TRACK REVIEW

Bryson Tiller aka Pen Griffey aka GodTilla dropped three songs last Friday and boy…they got me hype for his upcoming album.

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Sentimental About An Umbrella

We have this navy Nautica Umbrella. It’s very big and wide and protective. We bought it in Miami, one of my favorite time periods in my mind.  The umbrella has remained with us for a long time because it is very sturdy and nobody would dare lose it. It’s the best umbrella I’v ever seen.

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Being a short guy: an ignored struggle

You know I could already feel the eye-rolls from people who don’t think heightism exist. But I feel like it’s so prevalent that it’s become a part of who we are as a society. Men of smaller stature are always seen as less  “manly” than other men, and always angry/emotional and I feel like the struggle of a short man should be part of the gender equality agenda.

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