Bryson Tiller – True to Self ALBUM REVIEW

Buh-rie-son Killer is an R&B artist, an alternative one that makes music.

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Rompers: The Next Step in Male Fashion

Rompers have been around for a while. Since the early 1900s women have worn these short jumpsuit looking things, and in my opinion they do look quite nice.

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Bryson Tiller – Get Mine, Something Tells Me, and Honey TRACK REVIEW

Bryson Tiller aka Pen Griffey aka GodTilla dropped three songs last Friday and boy…they got me hype for his upcoming album.

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R.I.P Pepe the Meme God

Believe it or not, I experienced the conception of the Pepe meme. Not the actual drawing, I wasn’t over the shoulder of artist Matt Furie while he made his comics, but I was in the catacombs of an online forum called 4chan around 2009.

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Haunting Video of Dancing Cheerleader Ghost-Girls

In bad dreams
Cruel world
Full of cruel things
Hang tight
All you…
Nothing like a big bad bridge to go burning through

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Just one more responsibility

I’m writing this at 4:33 AM in the morning because I need to. It is pitch black in my room, it is a bit cold this spring due to global warming, and I am not tired at all. However, I did wake up at 1:00 PM in the afternoon today. I have class in the morning but I know I will have a bunch to do after class and I will never get to this so…let me introduce myself.

The name’s Dale.  It’s a simple name but incredibly drab, and I wish it didn’t sound like the name of a white low wage  office worker, or like a chipmunk.

Looking past that, I like talking about the zeitgeist, what’s happening in my contained world, and the Black experience. I like expressing my opinions on these. This blog will basically function as a peephole into my mind’s inner-city sidewalk. I don’t claim to know much, but if you can get past how deadpan my humor can be sometimes I hope I can somehow entertain you with relatable pieces  about social justice, anxiety, and Nicki Minaj’s butt.

Now that you know I have anxiety, we are friends now.